Car Showz Wax NFT Collection Dropz May 19th

Digideez Wax NFT Studio has created a Collection for Car Enthusiasts. ‘Car Showz’ is a Collection of Wax NFTS with great Cars, Motorcycles, and Trucks as Digital Collectibles. The NFT Designs are a mix of real photos, Collector’s Cars, and a mix of AI and Designs by the Digideez Team.

These NFTs are created on the Wax blockchain and allow collectors to own a digital representation of their favorite cars, trucks, and motorcycles. For car enthusiasts, these Wax NFTs offer a new way to show off their love for automobiles and own a piece of their favorite vehicles in a digital format. They offer a level of exclusivity and uniqueness that traditional physical collectibles cannot match.

DROPZ: May 19th, 2023 at 10am CT

Initial Drop: Available here on our website (pay by Credit/Debit Card, or Paypal)

Later Drops: Will be available on Neftyblocks.


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