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Why become a Verified Member?

Verified Members (signified by a checkmark by their username) are trusted by our Community and will be able to Moderate Forums, Join and Participate in our BST (Buy/Sell/Trade) Group and Forum, and get exclusive offers not available to the public. With Permission, a Verified Member may also SELF PUBLISH PROMOTIONAL & NEWS ARTICLES. This Includes: NFT News, WAX NFT Drops, Whatnot Live Stream Events, and Fun Articles.

There are three ways you can become a Verified Member.

  1. Get invited by us – Users that we have done business with and that we know for certain can be trusted may be invited to join.
  2. Earn Trust – Become an Active Member of our Community and earn a reputation. We will invite you once we feel you have earned it!
  3. Pay to get Verified –  Before you judge us for this option…please note that all fees collected will be used to help make our Community Safe. This would be a One-Time $20 Fee that is non-refundable and would also require us verifying your contact information.


All users are expected to treat everyone how they want to be treated. No name-calling or BS! We are not ancient….so we expect you to have fun…but not at a users expense.

  1. You will receive a Warning
  2. You will be Suspended for 7 days
  3. You will be removed from our Community


If you fail to complete a transaction with a fellow community Member, within a reasonable time frame, you will be removed from our Community for good.

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